Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eve & Emily

Film: Eve & Emily
Date: March 21 – April 1, 2012
Location: Hood River, OR

FilmWise Media was hired by Prescience Films in Hood River to co-produce Eve & Emily, a feature film that wrapped in April. FilmWise Media spent a year helping Prescience Films plan this feature film. Dan McCabe, producer, writer, and director has been working on this project for years. Many of the actors were hired from Portland and were ready to go when the week-long shoot began. The film was a fun week of intense filming. Over the next couple of months FilmWise Media will be continuing to help finalize the editing by supplying some visual effects and rotoscoping some scenes to enhance the final cut. The final product will be fully finished and premiered at the Columbia Center for the Arts later this year. To learn more and keep up to date with this movie check out Prescience Films website.

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